“It’s a moral question about whether we have the right to exterminate species”

                                   Sir David Attenborough


André started photographing at a young age with a Russian Zenith EM, an all manual SRL. After some time the Zenith got exchanged for Practica and finally the first Nikon.

Together with this camera’s and his partner, Anita, many hours got spend in the Dutch dunes, forests and Zoos.
From that time things got more serious, the dark room came for color prints. The first results were there, a recommendation and exposition at the Novotel in Amsterdam for Sail Amsterdam.

Being owners of a flourishing construction company, time became more and more difficult for their, at that time, hobby. But the call from their passion became louder and louder.

They decided to sell the company and ended their job in construction to work as professionals in photographing and filming of the natural history

To capture these images of nature and wildlife, they travel all over the world, and brings them to remote and less habituated places. About these corners of the world, stories with accompanying photo reports are made for magazines, books and interested.

Images and articles are published in, among others, Outdoor Photography, Natures Best Photography Magazine, Grasduinen, Camera Magazine, E&V Magazine, Nature & Image and Chasseur d’Image.  

Footage can be seen in various programs such as Discovery Channel and Nat Geo Wild.

André and Anita hope that, by watching their work, they can raise the interest and awareness to protect the beauty of our natural world.