Coastal Grizzly Bear at Katmai NP, Alaska.

Grizzly Bear

On this 8-days trip, together with André and Anita Gilden, André is an Award winning professional Nature Photographer, you will visit the world-famous Katmai National Park. The experience of Grizzly Bears roaming around us and fishing for the abundant Salmon in the rivers is one of the greatest experiences with wildlife photography. We will stay 7 nights (!) in this area. In this way we can see the Bears up close and can take beautiful pictures. We will also be searching for the Grey Wolves!



This photo trip to Alaska is for like-minded enthusiastic participants, with fun, nature experience and nature photography as purpose of this trip. In the field, André will provide hands-on photographic support. Back on the boat, André and Anita will share their knowledge of Katmai and the Grizzly Bears wildlife at the evening chats.

During this trip we will overnight at an old crab fishing boat on beautiful locations. This means bunk beds and shared rooms. Be prepared that we can take lunch with us and have early mornings and late evenings, it’s all depending on the wildlife movements. Meals on the boat are excellent and with water, wine or beer.


Fishing Grizzly Bear

We will be using float planes from Kodiak Island to Katmai NP and back. This means you have to account your luggage to that. Soft bags for your clothing bags and good sturdy camera bags and waterproof covers.

Clothing should be prepared for cold as hot, but for all be prepared for wet circumstances. Alaska is well known for its rain. And don’t forget the anti mosquito repellant! Remember that this a expedition and you have to be fit to join on this trip. You have to climb in and out landing skiffs, walk on the beach for some short distances.


The trip is arranged from and back to Kodiak, here you have to arrange two days and after the trip due to the weather dependable float planes.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for the proper information
Total participants: 8 persons.


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