Raptors and Little Bustard in Spain.

Bonelli eagle

On this 5-days trip, together with André Gilden, André is an Award winning professional Nature Photographer, you will get the opportunity to photograph from existing hides the rare Bonelli’s Eagle, Goshawk, Little kestrel and the Little Bustard. Besides this, several other species are around.


For three days we will have a morning and an afternoon session in one of the selected hides, trying to get those special images from the great raptors and other species that are around.


This photo trip is for like-minded enthusiastic participants, with fun, nature experience and nature photography as purpose of this trip.
In the field, André will provide hands-on photographic support. During the trip André will review and discuss the images made.

We will overnight in nice apartments from a Spanish bodega in a beautiful ancient town. Breakfast is served in our own place and in the evening dinner will be served in the bodega. The bodega is a great and hospital place to enjoy a good glass of wine and review and discuss the images from that day.


Little kestrel

During this tripe we will be using a mini-van for the transport from the airport of Barcelona to our place to stay, which will be a two-hour drive. Therefore you have to adjust your luggage accordingly, preferably with soft bags for your clothing.




Total participants: 6 persons.


This trip is also possible to do without the photographic support and to go on your own !! We can than make the proper connections and arrangments for you ! It is possible to go for shorter or longer stay and for only one or two special bird species, custommade for you!

If you are interested in this trip you can ask details