Trip to White-tailed eagles in Norway

Last November I have been guiding a photographic trip to Norway for Beluga adventures. After many years of having this trip in our program we decided to change to this experienced travel agency for the coming years. This 5-day trip existed out of three days heavy photographing. We left in a small boat for the White-tailed eagle shots. Followed by many sea gulls, leaving the harbour, who are perfect for practicing. 

Our wonderful Norwegian guide knows all about the eagles and knows perfectly to get the eagles dive next to our positioned boat. After the full day out of the water and having seen more than 30 !!! eagles, we could go through many shots to find our best one of the day.

We stayed in our own house, enjoying our home-made dinner and had all the time to talk and discuss our images. Luckily, we had also the change to go out and shoot some northern lights. This is not always possible, due to cloud forming along the coast, and in 4 nights the time is short to get a clear sky. But on this trip two nights out of 4 worked perfect.

Also one day of the three is a day for the golden eagle. This is a day of patience, but in all these years, I always had seen the eagle appearing. Sometimes better or worse off course. This time was a good day, also because we had a sparrow hawk against a golden background. Making this day also a special one.

I do not need to mention anymore that arriving back in Amsterdam with the group, everybody had a wonderful experience and many images to be happy with.