“It’s a moral question about whether we have the right to exterminate species”

Sir David Attenborough

André and Anita started photographing and filming of the natural history many years ago. It all started from the interest in nature and wildlife and the urge for conservation.

Their love for wildlife and nature is to be seen in their images and footage. And give this it’s distinguished “look”.

Proof of the right way of working like this, has been the awards collected in The European photographer of the year, Windland Smith Rice awards from Nature’s best in the USA, the French Montier-en-Der Festival and the Belgium Namur. Also by presenting several exhibitions worldwide about their main projects.

Images and articles are published in, among others, Outdoor Photography, Natures Best Photography Magazine, Grasduinen, Camera Magazine, E&V Magazine, Nature & Image and Chasseur d’Image.  Footage can be seen in various programs such as Discovery Channel and Nat Geo Wild.

To capture these images of nature and wildlife, they travel all over the world, and brings them to remote and less habituated places. 

André and Anita hope that their work can raise the interest and awareness needed to protect the beauty of our natural world.